Tech party for women in tech and founders of Deep Tech start-ups from Eastern Europe & CIS states at the trendiest rooftop patio in the city, Java Lisboa.

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the Untitled Ventures & BeGlobe hold an annual party in Lisbon

during the Web Summit. 

We are inviting female founders as well as Deep Tech startups from Eastern Europe and the CIS to the party where everyone can network with VCs. Our goal is to support Deep Tech startups from the CIS and Eastern Europe on the international arena, and to provide an opportunity for global growth-oriented entrepreneurs to meet investors and international customers. 

This year, the international venture capital fund the Untitled Ventures will unveil its new €100,000,000 seed-tech fund. 

As part of the event, five companies pre-selected by the fund will be able to present their projects to Mike Butcher, one of the world’s most influential tech journalists according to Wired and The Daily Telegraph, and receive his appraisal. The meeting will be moderated by Konstantin Sinyushin, the Managing Partner of the Untitled Ventures fund. Apply! (Application form will be closed on Friday)


The party has been held since 2017 and remains a unique opportunity for startup founders to meet and network informally with members of the venture capital ecosystem, and to build long-term relationships with investor staff and business angels working in syndication with the venture funds.

The event is organised by the BeGlobe Agency and international venture fund the Untitled Ventures. The fund focuses on emerging technology companies from the CIS and Eastern Europe and helps them gain a foothold in the European Union and then scale up to other Western markets.

Partner of the Deep Tech Night is Quppy, a fast-growing European neobank. Since 2017, Quppy is building a financial, payment, social and investment ecosystem that brings together services and operations with digital and traditional currencies. 
The Quppy all-in-one neobanking app is built on a decentralized storage technology that provides the highest level of customer funds and information security.

The ticket price includes a set of Portuguese beverages and snacks for a total value of €100 per person and you can always order an extra drink or snack from the bar.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the maximum number of party participants will be 150. We will close registration as soon as we have this many registrations, so, please, plan your participation in advance.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.


394 дня назад
2 November 18:30 — 3 November 2021 0:00

Java Lisboa Rooftop Praça Dom Luis I, 30
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